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Frequently Asked Questions

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Every Australian deserves a better deal on their personal finances and by asking questions, you could be on your way to getting the right deal for you.

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Do we qualify for a loan?

The qualification process is made easy at Homecorp by making one brief telephone call to one of our Fully Qualified Consultants and we will be able to tell you whether you qualify. If not, we can tell you how to qualify for a loan.

What will our interest rate be?

In todays economic client, interest rates are changing rapidly. All of our Interest Rates are available upon application along with the Comparison Rates for each individual product.

What are our monthly repayments?

The monthly repayment will depend on the size of the loan and also the term of the loan. At Homecorp we are able to taylor the loan to suit the monthly repayments that our clients can afford. For a quick repayment quote go to our Repayment Calculator link.

Which loan is suitable for us?

Different loan products suit different borrowers. It is vital and of paramount importance when establishing a loan that it is set up to meet your requirements from inception and be suitable for the life of the loan. At Homecorp our Fully Qualified Consultants will meet with you and identify your loan requirements today and into the future to make certain you have the correct facility to minimise your repayments and the term of the loan.

Do we qualify for the First Home Owner Grant?

If you have never had your name on the Title of a Residential dwelling, you should be entitled to the First Home Owners Grant. Some exclusions do apply. A brief phone call to Homecorp will confirm your eligibility for the Grant.

How much can we borrow?

Your borrowing capacity is determined by several factors. These include status of employment, level of income and the current interest rates, this will also vary form one Lender to another. In the coming weeks an affordability calculator will be available from our website.

Am I credit impaired?

Credit impairment can occur when bills remain unpaid. The easiest way to check your credit record is by completing our FREE online Credit Check Service.

How does a Construction Loan work?

A construction loan consists of two components - Land and Building. At settlement your land portion is drawn down and your repayments are based on that portion. When the construciton begins it will be completed in several stages, and at each stage your loan will steadily increase until your home is completed. At this stage your repayments will be based on the total loan amount.

Can we borrow money without showing tax returns?

Yes, you can borrow money without showing tax returns, and it is becoming increasingly popular, especially among self-employed applicants. Having said that, these types of loans are available to everybody.